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Ads Management

The fear of investing in paid media (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and not getting a result in the short term is common. Thus, to invest without fear we consider it necessary to ensure some practices when creating sponsored link campaigns, that is, to manage your ads.

Clear definition of objectives

Achieving goals without dividing campaigns by objective is not enough. You need to generate specific ads that target each goal that your business hopes to achieve.

It does not make sense, for example, to create just one campaign to achieve lead generation, sale of a certain product and involvement with its contents at the same time. This will not work, due to several factors, including the differentiated budget needed for each campaign.

Each company objective requires different characteristics for the ad. In general, education videos and the use of services and products generate results and assist in the purchase decision process.

Increased investment in a controlled and progressive way

Before confirming that the investment is being efficient and adding more money in a campaign to deliver more results, we adopted the recommended method of starting with a campaign with a very low investment and then assessing whether the performance index is as planned.

Stipulating a maximum cost spent per lead, for example, is a smart strategy. Checking the preview of how much is being spent is also important to avoid unforeseen events.

Reporting with ROI for monthly campaigns

We identify the campaigns, objectives, expenses and results to check if it is within the expected and how much was generated in sales. With the help of Marketing BI, we clearly verify the cycle of each acquisition channel.

We deliver reports with these results on a monthly basis so that it is possible to analyze performance, calculate ROI and define performance goals and adjustments for the future.

Our Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads is Google’s main advertising service, and over 100 billion searches per month are performed on this search engine. Like all this visibility, companies today, in general, cannot fail to be found in searches where keywords related to their service or product are requested.

Because it is such a relevant network for digital marketing strategies, we always seek to have as much training in Google Ads campaign management as possible. Having this knowledge positions us as Google Partner, where Google shows that specific partners have passed Google Ads certification exams and have the latest product knowledge. In other words, we are worthy. Below are our certifications in each specific area: Search Network, Display, Video, Shopping Ads, and the Measurement of Results Certification. In addition to these we have the Certifications of the Google Analytics, Search Ads 360, Google My Business Certification, and Fundamental and Advanced Certifications for Waze Ads. Click on each Badge to see the certificate:

Google Ads Search Network CertificationGoogle Ads Display CertificationGoogle Ads Video CertificationGoogle Ads Shopping CertificationGoogle Ads Measurement CertificationGoogle Analytics Individual QualificationSearch Ads 360 certificationGoogle My Business Certification

Search Network

We can help you create and optimize ads that appear on Google Search. They can also advise on budget planning and keyword strategy.

Display Network

We can help you create interesting visual ads to reach potential customers on more than two million websites and 650.000 apps.

Video Advertising

We implement and optimize your video ad campaigns on YouTube.

Google Shopping

We’ll help you get your products on Google Search, set up your inventory in Merchant Center, and create Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Partner badge

With the badge we highlight our knowledge about Google Ads products. We learned advanced concepts about creating, managing, evaluating and optimizing Google Ads products.

google partner

If you want to know more about What is Google Ads, Google Ad featuresI'm cHow to Advertise on Google AdsClick here.
google ads

Other certifications in Ads

Microsoft Advertisign Certified Professional

In addition to Google, we are also qualified in the Microsoft Advertising which is the online advertising platform of the second largest search engine, the Microsoft Search Network, a Microsoft search engine that includes Bing and partner sites, with 135 million searches per month in Brazil alone. Advertisements made on Microsoft Ads can appear at the top or to the right of Bing, Yahoo and MSN search results.

bing ads certified

Twitter Video Badge

Content is king. Especially with video, which on Twitter is growing exponentially. THE Twitter Video Badge is the certification dedicated to teaching good practices to increase your Twitter reach with Videos. We are able to create Promoted Video campaigns, taking the timeline with a First View campaign, in addition to in-stream video ad campaigns.

twitter flight school video badge

I believe that you are now convinced that we are specialists in Ads. So don't waste time, contact us right now to talk about improving your company's online advertising strategies. Click here, register, and as soon as possible, a specialist will contact you.

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