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Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or invest in an internal team?

Many entrepreneurs and managers ask the same question: is it better to hire a digital marketing agency or invest in an in-house team? To answer this question consistently, you need to take a number of points into account.

We know that, currently, the expansion of any business depends on attracting customers, and it is already more than proven that the internet is the most efficient tool to achieve this goal. Second Mlabs research (2019), 69% of technology investment in companies will be in online traffic monitoring.

An active social network that represents the essence of the brand, a website well positioned on Google and a strategy for generating interested leads are fundamental elements for the growth of current companies.

However, many managers and entrepreneurs ask themselves: Who has the most potential to put all these essential elements into practice? A digital marketing agency or an in-house team?

Do not worry! If you are currently experiencing this dilemma, this post was made for you! Check now which points you need to take into consideration in this choice:

Hire an agency or invest in an internal team?


# 1 - Does your company have a leader capable of forming an internal team?


The qualification of an internal team is essential and can be a good option for your business. But we must remember that the results will be reaped in the medium and long term, precisely because hiring employees and training them requires financial resources and time.

# 2 - How does the communication between you and the person performing the tasks need to be?


With an in-house team you can take advantage of communication. Because these professionals are present at your workplace, you can communicate more quickly and directly, without the need for intermediation by other people.

There are also many marketing agencies that offer full-time assistance via Whatsapp, phone and project management applications. They often go beyond an employee's work period and can be well matched to an internal team. Therefore, if your choice is an agency, align the way of communication between the parties and remove all your doubts before closing the contract.

hire digital marketing agency

# 3 - What is the complexity of the activities that your company demands?


Does your company need a 360º presence in the digital presence? In this, it is necessary to consider, for example, the creation / optimization of a website or e-commerce, the beginning a sponsored links strategy (Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads, Waze Ads, among others), the implementation of a blog with content generation, Business Intelligence (Market Intelligence based on data for decision making in Marketing), among others. 

If your answer was yes, hiring an agency can be a more practical and inexpensive way, since attracting employees with this range of specific knowledge can be very costly, in addition to being more scarce professionals in the market.

# 4 - Does your company need to take advantage of the latest and most technological?


It is important to remember that the professionals responsible for their marketing strategies must always be updated in order not to miss the rapid evolution of the online world, and this also requires time and investment.

In marketing agencies you will have a greater availability of this type of professional, in addition to being an internal focus of any quality agency. However, if you would like to invest in refresher courses and marketing events for your employees, the in-house team can also be a good choice.


# 5 - Is there a cost difference between an internal team and a marketing agency?


There's no way, to answer you need to budget! If you already have an employee responsible for marketing ask him for help to understand which professionals would be needed to meet the demands of your company, do a salary survey on job vacancy sites and define the monthly cost of that labor. 

In parallel, request budgets from agencies that offer the service you are looking for and compare the monthly fee with the cost of internal labor. From there you can assess whether the difference in values ​​makes sense to you.

hire digital marketing agency

# 6 - Why not have both?


Contrary to what many people think, having a lean internal team and having a marketing agency can be an excellent option. You can combine the advantages of both sides and add brains teeming with creativity for your brand!

Furthermore, this union can make the work more complete, since the tasks are shared and complemented. An example: your internal team may be responsible for collecting materials and photographs of the company, while the agency is responsible for editing the files and disseminating them in the best way.

Another example: its internal team is responsible for feeding products in e-commerce and updating information, while the marketing agency is responsible for the performance of ads and SEO strategies.

# 7 - What is the best option?


With everything we've seen here, we realize that this response is quite individual. A personalized analysis of your business and the particularities of your company will bring the best answer. In addition, making this checklist is very simple and will make your decision much more assertive!

If you are looking for scalability in the marketing area, it is recommended to work with an outsourced agency, which already offers the necessary structures for strategic development. 

When the focus is on having a marketing team integrated with other areas and exclusive dedication, an internal team becomes interesting, remembering that this requires a higher and continuous investment.

We hope to have helped you in this decision and, if you choose a Digital Marketing Agency, talk to one of our specialists right now by clicking here.

We are available to answer your questions and execute the best marketing strategy for your company!

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